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Our projects

2009' posibility to make LithLight color by customer wish

2009' 90 sqm studio "TV3" in Vilnius

2008' News studio of National TV in Vilnius

2008' Lithlight in use in Lithuania President house

2008' SPORT 1 TV channel in Vilnius

2006' TV3 studio in Latvia

500 m² shooting pavilion. 25 pcs. 6 m lift system, 21 mobile ADB dimer, the lighting control panel, curtain system with two garages. " Constructed the power and lift control cabinets

2004. Lithuania stand at Japan EXPO2005

Containing 72 pieces LED facade effective searchlights, perform electrical wiring work for the pavilion. Made 72 pieces simultaneous video projection display system. All the system turn on / off - with one click.

2003' "5 channel" studio inVilnius

2002' "БТВ" Studio in Belarus

250 кв.м. студия, лехкая несущая конструкция, 10 прожекторнных дорог, вокруг студии занавесная дорога с гаражом и занавесом, 24 шт. Sachtler прожекторов, 22 шт. флорасцентных прожекторов с фазовой контролей, 48 димерных каналов.

2002' TV channel "LNK" in Vilnius

300 sqm studio + 100 sqm "News" studio



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